Dear Parents,

Many of you are new to dance class and are curious about the amazing experience that your son or daughter is about to encounter! So we, at Revival Academy of Dance, decided to put together a brief introduction to give you a better understanding about what to expect the first day of dance class!

The first day of dance class is a very exciting time! Some students may feel a bit nervous and/or shy about the first dance lesson, but that can be typical for children when trying a new activity. A great way to prepare students and help ease some of this nervousness is talk about the class beforehand in a fun light-hearted way.

On day one of dance class, parents can expect to receive some paperwork, especially those parents who chose to register online. Included in this paperwork will be specifics about dress code, conduct in class, policies and procedures and a newsletter highlighting important information for the month of September. The teacher will introduce him or herself to the parents and students in the waiting room and invite the students into the studio for class. Some younger students may be hesitant about entering the classroom and parents are welcome to accompany their son or daughter to ease this transition.

Once in the classroom, the teacher will take attendance and possibly do an introductory game so the students can start becoming friends. The first day can be a challenge, as students get to know each other, their teachers and the class structure. It will take a couple of classes to really get into the swing of things. Parents should not be worried on the first day if a student looks a bit lost. As he or she becomes accustomed to the teachers, the other students and the dance studio he or she will begin to thrive in class and be eager for dance class day to arrive!

During the year students will learn progressive steps, terminology and start to develop his or her skills. The class will work on a dance with the instructor, which will be performed at the end of the year gala! Students will form bonds and make everlasting friendships. Overall, parents and students should expect a rewarding experience.

We will offer several occasions when parents can come into their son or daughter’s classroom to observe. There are also closed circuit televisions installed in the waiting area for viewing throughout the dance season.

Please remember, you do not have to stay at the studio during your child’s dance class, the teachers supervise the students the entire class. We do not allow any children to leave the studio unaccompanied; they must be picked up inside the waiting room. In case of an emergency, we have the parent’s emergency contact information on file and will contact parents immediately.

If you ever have any further questions or concerns, please never hesitate to contact me. I will be available to answer all questions and address any concerns that may present themselves. We are very excited about the season ahead of us and plan to make it a positive experience for all!