Alicia Majeau


Alicia Majeau has been training as a dancer for over 20 years. She primarily received her early dance training at renowned studios in central Massachusetts. Alicia competed at the regional and national level, receiving titles, high-score awards and judges’ choice awards. While simultaneously studying music and theater throughout her early training, she began to choreograph award-winning pieces as a student choreographer. Alicia continued to study dance while in college. She was a member of the nationally-ranked Hofstra University Dance Team and performed throughout New York. During her dance education, Alicia has had the privilege to study with many renowned choreographers including Brandon Bryant of So You Think You Can Dance. She has studied with industry professionals such as Tai Jimenez, Mimi Ferrell, and Jeannette Neill. Currently, Alicia works as a teacher and choreographer, as well as handling administrative aspects of the studio, and continues to study dance in Boston and New York. She has extensive training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop,& Acro, and has begun to foray into Ballroom. Alicia currently holds a Master of Science, and uses her detailed knowledge of anatomy to inform expression through movement with a focus on technique.